New Schroeder Freight Mississauga Terminal

We are pleased to announce that Schroeder Freight Inc. is growing in Toronto. We will be working with our local sales and business development team, focusing on finding and consolidating LTL freight to come to Western Canada. We will also provide cross docking services at this location. You can find us at:

1135 Meyerside Drive
Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1J6
ph 204-992-9530


Toronto Location

Proud supporter of STARS

Schroeder Freight Inc. is proud to support the STARS helicopter fundraising.

For more info on what they are about, go to

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New US Hours of Service

Understanding the 168 US Hour Rule – see image

Start Reset 09:00 for the 168 hour rule – this includes the 2 periods of 01:00 – 05:00
You will be able to start work on the 3rd at 05:00
Eligible for next reset is at 09:00 on the 8th – 168 hours after your reset started on the 1st.

1/2 Hour US Break Rule Before 8 Hours

The 1/2 Hour Rest Break must be take before 8 hours is up for a period of NO LESS than 1/2 an hour. The 8 hours begins when you come on duty to do the pre-trip.  E.G. – Pre-trip is started at 06:00 if the 1/2 hour Rest Break is done at 09:00 – another Rest Break will be needed at 17:00 hours.  If the 1/2 hour Rest Break starts any time after 12:00 pm there needs to be only one 1/2 hour break in the day.