New Schroeder Freight Mississauaga Terminal

We are pleased to announce that Schroeder Freight Inc. is growing in Toronto.  We have hired Anthony & Danny Colangelo to join our team based out of the GTA. They will be working as our local sales and business development team, with a focus on finding and consolidating LTL freight to come to Western Canada. We will also provide cross docking services at this location. You can find us at:

1135 Meyerside Drive
Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 1J6
ph 204-992-9544


Toronto Location

Proud supporter of STARS

Schroeder Freight Inc. is proud to support the STARS helicopter fundraising.

For more info on what they are about, go to

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New US Hours of Service

Understanding the 168 US Hour Rule - see image

Start Reset 09:00 for the 168 hour rule – this includes the 2 periods of 01:00 – 05:00
You will be able to start work on the 3rd at 05:00
Eligible for next reset is at 09:00 on the 8th – 168 hours after your reset started on the 1st.

1/2 Hour US Break Rule Before 8 Hours

The 1/2 Hour Rest Break must be take before 8 hours is up for a period of NO LESS than 1/2 an hour. The 8 hours begins when you come on duty to do the pre-trip.  E.G. – Pre-trip is started at 06:00 if the 1/2 hour Rest Break is done at 09:00 – another Rest Break will be needed at 17:00 hours.  If the 1/2 hour Rest Break starts any time after 12:00 pm there needs to be only one 1/2 hour break in the day.